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The letter to the rectors of universities

The suggestions for cooperation 
in International Student Olympiad in Safety of Living
     The Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine informs you that there is an opportunity for the  students of your university (your country) to take part the  in the International Student Olympiad (ISO) in Safety of Living. The ISO successfully started in Ukraine in 2008. The information about ISO you can find at the site

     We are planning to organize the ISO like the Internet Olympiad were started in 2009. For organizational questions  it is necessary to contact the ISO coordinator in Ukraine.

     The information about the coordinator from your university (country) is to be send to the following address:

The ISO coordinator , Prof. Vyacheslav Berezutskiy, 21, Frunze Street,  the National Technical University of Ukraine «Kharkov Polytechnic Institute»,  Labour and Environment Protection chair, Kharkov, 61002, Ukraine.

Tel. +3 00 057 7076665; +3 00 057 7076465. Tel.fax. +3 00 057 7076601.

Mob. tel. +3 00 0951762908; +3 00 0979436160.


Skype: berezutskiy1953

It is necessary to obtain the following information about the coordinators from the universities (countries):

1. Name, the last name.

2. Position

3. Scientific rank, graduate degree

4. Place of work

5. Address

6. Telephone

7. E-mail

8. Fax